Spread the Word: 3 Great Contests at The Great Onion Festival

  The Great Onion Festival

The Onion Eating Contest 

The Onion Eating Contest presented by Pacific Family Dental will take place at 2:10 pm at the Great Onion Festival! The contest sees who can eat the most raw onions in 8 minutes. Salt and Water are provided. $50 first place prize! Waivers will be available at the event!

1st Prize- $50 Target Gift Card

2nd- $25 Target Gift Card

3rd- Listerine

Onion Rolling Contest

Roll Onions across the floor with your forehead!

Prizes coming soon!  Brought to you by Bittner Dentistry for Kids!

The Best Dang Onion Dish Contest


To Enter the contest

  • Prepare a specialty dish using onion in the recipe
  • Print and fill out the “Best Dang Onion Dish” Entry Form and attach a copy of your recipe (This becomes the become property of The Great Onion Festival)
  • Bring your submission and entry form to the Great Onion Festival at Archer Glen Elementary School by Noon on October 13th, 2012.

The top-rated onion dish will win a great prize!

Contest Rules:

  • All entries must be made “from scratch.”
  • Submissions should be pre-made prior to coming to the event.  A refrigerator for storage will be available.  A microwave will be onsite for reheating dishes prior to judging.
  • Please submit only one entry, meaning only one type of dish, per contestant – so pick your best dish!
  • Entries submitted by contestants under 18 will be considered for overall prizes, as well as a prize for that age category only.

Questions?  Call the Sherwood Chamber of Commerce at 503-625-7800

Print the Best Dang Onion 2012 Entry Form


1st Prize- $50 Visa Gift Card and Glory

2nd- $25 Visa Gift Card

3rd- $25 Honorable Mention- 17 and Under Category

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